1. Do I need to register to shop?
    Yes. You need to register before your first transaction. When you register, you will receive an activation email in your inbox. Please click on the email to activate your account. You can then use your login and password to log on and shop.

  2. How do I shop at eMart?
    To shop at eMart, log onto http://tcs.giftzone.co.in and log in using your eMart user name and password. You can also visit eMart by logging on to Ultimatix > Time Out. You can browse through the various categories of products. When you see a product you wish to buy, just click on the product and then you will be directed to the product details page. There click on the 'Add to cart' button after mentioning the quantity. This will place the product in the Shopping Cart. You can remove /modify products in the cart by clicking on the "My Cart" link given on the top right side of the page.

    Once you have completed your shopping, please click on the Checkout option. Ensure that you have filled in all the required details correctly to ensure prompt delivery of your products. On completion of the process you will receive an email giving you details of your purchase. This indicates your order has been placed successfully.

    You can also track your order by clicking on the Track Order section.

  3. What is the Wish list?
    In case you wish to buy later, you can add the product to your wish list by clicking on the "Add to Wish List" button. You can review your Wish List by clicking on the "Wish List" button under "My Shopping" on the "My Account" page.

  4. Is there a minimum quantity I need to buy?
    There is no minimum quantity you need to buy, unless specified in the product details. 

  5. What are the different payment options?
    For Individual purchases, you can use a Credit Card , Debit Card and Net Banking. All national as well as international Credit Cards such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club and JCB credit cards are accepted. Visa Electron Debit Cards of the following Indian Banks are accepted: Citibank Debit Card (IPIN), Indian Overseas Bank Debit Card (ATM PIN), Punjab National Bank Debit Card (ATM PIN), State Bank of India Debit Card (ATM PIN), Union Bank of India Debit Card (ATM PIN), Any Indian Bank Issued VISA Debit Card (VBV).

    For Company purchases the payment will be made through regular commercial process after you have received the appropriate approvals.

  6. How do I know if my order has gone through?
    On successful placement of an order you will receive an email confirmation from us. However to ensure, please click on 'Track Order' on the homepage to see the details of your last order placed. If you find your latest order missing, then that order placement was unsuccessful. If you are in any doubt, please write to support@giftingideas.com

  7. When is my credit card billed?
    Your credit card will be charged after you confirm your order at the checkout section and provide your payment details on the payment gateway.

  8. When will I receive the product?
    If the quantity ordered is in stock, then the goods will be shipped within 12 working days from date of order placement. If the quantity ordered is not in stock, it normally takes between 15-30 days to produce and dispatch depending on the quantity ordered. If you need the goods earlier than the time frame mentioned above, please write to us at support@giftingideas.com. We will try our best to accommodate your request.

  9. Can I place an order for delivery outside India?
    We endeavor to service everyone at city across the globe. An order placed for international shipment will be delivered to the address specified in the shipping address form. Shipping charges for delivery outside India will vary per the shipping destination.

  10. Can I change the shipping address for my orders?
    If duly informed (before the items have been dispatched), you can change your shipping address. In such cases the customer will bear the difference in shipping charges (if any). If the new shipping charges are lower, then the difference will be returned via the credit card used for placing the order. To change the shipping address please send an email to support@giftingideas.com. You will receive a confirmation via email and only then will the shipping address be considered as changed. In cases where the items have already been dispatched and the shipment is returned due to the address being wrong or any failure in accepting the goods or any other reasons, we shall inform you of the same. If the goods need to be re-sent, the charges involved in the return of the goods and sending them out again will have to be borne by the customer.

  11. Can I specify packing details?
    All products arrive in their standard packaging. If any special packaging is required, please write to support@giftingideas.com with the requirement and the order details. An additional cost will be charged in this case.

  12. How can I track my order?
    To know the status of an order, click on “My Account” menu of top navigation menus of the homepage. The current pending orders as well as details of previous orders will be available here.

  13. How can I cancel my order?
    Orders once placed cannot be cancelled.

  14. Will the product come along with its instruction manual?
    If a product has a mechanism which requires explanation, the product will be accompanied by an instruction manual.

  15. Will all the merchandise I order come with my company logo?
    The items will come with a logo as depicted in the picture on the site.

  16. Are these products manufactured by TCS?
    No. None of the products are manufactured by TCS. A limited permission has been given to Gifting Ideas Pvt. Ltd. to affix the TCS mark for the purpose of presenting these products as corporate gifts and merchandise.

  17. How can I lodge a complaint?
    If we have not met your expectations in any way please do let us know. Please write to support@giftingideas.com.

    In case you need to escalate your complaint any further, please write to uneza.shaikh@giftingideas.com

  18. Whom do I contact for any queries?
    For general queries and for order related issues, please write to order@giftingideas.com

    For any feedback on about the eMart products, service and site, please write to support@giftingideas.com

    For any complaints or escalations contact Ms. Uneza Shaikh (General Manager - Marketing) at uneza.shaikh@giftingideas.com

  19. Have the prices on the website been approved by my company?
    The prices displayed on this website have been reviewed and accepted by representatives from within your company, keeping in mind the quality requirements.

  20. How do I place bulk order for the products displayed on the site?
    To place bulk orders please write to order@giftingideas.com

  21. Can value or discount vouchers be redeemed with E-cash?
    Any kind of vouchers cannot be redeemed with the E-cash payment option. You can either redeem the voucher or purchase through Ecash. If there is any balance payment via purchasing through Ecash, it needs to be paid only through Credit/Debit Card or Net-banking. When you submit a voucher code on the checkout page, it will display the discounted amount in the cart and will show balance amount payable through online payment options. In case you try to redeem E-cash equivalent to balance amount then system will prompt you to pay discounted amount through online payment.

    If you enter E-cash more than discounted amount and balance amount then in such case your order will get through.

    Disclaimer: This site is owned and monitored by Gifting Ideas. None of the services on the site are owned by TCS. A limited permission has been given to Gifting Ideas Pvt. Ltd. to affix the TCS mark for the purpose of presenting these products as corporate gifts and merchandise.

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